Art Project

: Daegu

29 Aug - 3 Sep 2011

작가 Artist

  • 박제성, Cao Fei, 최선명
  • Shaun Gladwell, 전준호
  • 정연두, 김수자, 이혜림
  • 이이남, 이용백, 박준범
  • Robin Rhode, Charles Sandison
  • 신기운, Tsui Kuang-yu, Bill Viola

후원 Sponsor

  • 대구광역시
  • 삼성전자

2011 대구육상세계선수권 축하기획전 꿈- 백야

2012년 세계청소년동계올림픽 축하기획전, <꿈_백야>는 숨SUUM이 선정한 8명의 세계적인 미디어아트 작가들이 참여 하에 이루어졌다. 예술과 스포츠는 모두 움직임의 궤적과 신체 행위의 결과이며, 전시 작품들은 이 두 가지 세계를 자유로이 넘나들며 각기 개성적인 해석을 제시한다. 본 전시는 8일 밤 동안 상영되는 창조적인 작품들을 통해 국제 스포츠 행사에 참여하는 선수들의 열정, 꿈, 그리고 스포츠맨십을 담아내고자 하였다.

본 전시는 20 여 개의 영화 장면이 연결된 비디오 몽타주 작품인 Kota Ezawa의 ‘City of Nature’로 시작하여, 변화하는 중국 사회를 손 그림자 놀이를 이용해 우화적으로 묘사한 Cao Fei의 ‘Shadow Life’를 비롯, Robin Rhode의 ‘Horse, Marongrong’, ‘New Kids on the Bike’, ‘See Saw’와 같은 아이들을 주제로 한 작품들까지 다양한 영상의 세계를 선보였다. 이 전시는 전세계 동계올림픽 팬들과 청소년들에 현대 디지털 기술과 예술이 결합된 미디어 아트의 세계를 경험할 수 있는 기회를 제공하였다.


    As the official sponsor of the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011, Samsung Electronics hosted DREAM_WHITENIGHT at the square of Daegu City Hall (Aug. 29 ~ Sep. 3) for athletics fans and Daegu citizens. Samsung’s goal was to promote this competition beyond the boundaries of the sports event into a cultural festival.

    At 10 p.m. every night, Samsung Media Art Exhibition: DREAM_WHITENIGHT screened high-quality media artworks with a high resolution beam projector against the 39x25m wall of Daegu City Hall as the canvas. This event displayed the works of globally renowned artists from in and out of the country, award winners of the University Student Projection Mapping Competition held for the first time in Korea, and projection mapping works by Samsung Electronics specially prepared for this occasion.

    The works of 16 artists from across the globe were exhibited, starting with the colorful ‘Invisible Needle, 2003′ by Kimsooja, followed by ‘Night Vigil, 2005′ by Bill Viola, who expressed an everlasting flame of love with the motif of the opera ‘Tristan und Isolde’. There was also the recently introduced ‘Shadow Life, 2011′ by Cao Fei, who interpreted political, environmental and cultural issues from a fairy tale point of view through finger and shadow performances, and the ‘In Between Buddha and Jesus Christ, 2002′ by Yong-Baek Lee, who was designated as this year’s representative artist of the Korean Pavillion at Venice Biennale. It was definitely a priceless opportunity to experience the world of media art expressed through state-of-the-art digital technology and art.

    In addition, the award-winning works of Projection Mapping Competition for university students of the theme and the spectacular images specially prepared by Samsung Electronics for this competition surely heat up the festive atmosphere in Daegu.

    Gyehyun Kwon, Vice President and Head of Worldwide Sport Marketing, Samsung Electronics, remarked, “Samsung Media Art Exhibition has been prepared to congratulate the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011, and will be a significant opportunity to appreciate the works of global media artists through super large-sized canvas and high resolution projection in the center of Daegu. Samsung hopes to contribute towards elevating the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 into a global festival where sports and culture integrate into one.”

    As the exhibition planner and curator, Jiyoon Lee, Director of SUUM Project, commented, “This exhibition aims to commemorate the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 where the passion and dreams of the athletes gather under the slogan of dream, passion and challenge. It also uses Daegu City Hall, the venue of the event, as a large-sized screen to display the works of globally famous media artists. The untiring and ceaselessly challenging athletes and the passion of media artists attempting to utilize new forms of media are encompassed into the exhibition title of DREAM_WHITENIGHT.”